Why to rent out with us

White Apartments provides top-notch services for property management and corporate housing in Berlin. If you need quality property rental, look no further and see why to rent your business apartments out with us.

01. Personal service & free first consultation

We approach every client individually and with utmost care. You’ll be communicating directly with our agents who’ll be happy to provide detailed insights and a free consultation to discuss the options for your apartment.

02. Professional furnishing & photoshoot

We’ll take care of everything related to the rental process, including professional furnishing (if needed), photoshoot of your apartment and bookkeeping service. Your apartment’s listing in our database is free, of course.

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03. No effort, maximum convenience

We’ll always be there for you to assist with anything you need. Do you live abroad and don’t have time to take care of details? We are here for you: White Apartments assist you to choose the right furniture, order and install an internet connection and even connects you with a qualified tax advisor if needed.


Questions & Answers

How much does your service cost?
The recording of your home to our database is completely free of charge. The business model of White apartments is based on a fee from the management and from finding you a tenant. The fee is being paid monthly. We charge 10% (+VAT) for finding a tenant only or 20% (+VAT) for the full service management package which includes finding a tenant as well.


How do you find a tenant for me?
We use several channels to find the ideal tenant for your apartment. White Apartments has excellent contacts with large, reputable companies, embassies and relocation agencies that are permanently looking for furnished apartments. A major source is our website. We invest significantly in online marketing in order to achieve maximum range. Furthermore, we also advertise on a number of real estate platforms and are also accessible via Facebook. A large proportion of new tenants, however, comes to us through recommendations. Tenants who were already satisfied customer of White Apartments are the best advertisement for us.


How do we ensure that our tenants are reputable?
We check the prospective tenants very carefully. Before recommending a tenant, we will get in touch with him several times and check his personal situation. Every potentional tenant must fill out a detailed form and send us a copy of his identity card or passport. It is our top priority, that our landlord are happy to accept tenants coming from White apartments. Therefore, we sometimes refrain a person if we have concerns.


Is the photo shoot really for free?
Yes. The photo session is free for our landlord. We put great emphasis on so beautiful and so realistic as possible to put your house in scene. Take this reason, at least two hours for a photo shoot. It is advisable to present the house in the pictures as you will let. Therefore, it is important that it is cleaned and tidied before.


Who does the apartment viewings?
Most of our tenants book from abroad and can not visit the apartment. In this case, the cost for you is not necessary. If your potential tenant but want a tour, we support you and wish to take the appointment for you.


Can you guarantee me that my apartment is rented?
One hundred percent guarantee there is never natural. But White Apartments does everything to ensure that your apartment is rented throughout. We plan to hire in the medium term so that we have a mostly ready prospects. To increase the chances of the apartments on the rental market, we regularly exchange information with our landlords out to make the apartments at most small investments as attractive as possible. Book this one the next training dates. If the search takes longer, we will contact you personally together and find a solution. Because a White Apartment can always rent well.


What is your occupancy rate?
During recording of the apartment in our database, we check whether the object has a good chance on the rental market. If not, we help each potential owner to make the property market conditions. Thus, we reach a more attractive rental for the landlord and avoid vacancies. For this reason, our occupancy rate is very high. A white apartment is usually never empty.


How does the rental process work?
Our ultimate goal is to simplify the rental process for both sides. The rental process is simple – we provide you with a prospective tenant, who we already checked before. You discuss the rental details with him or her. We provide for you a practical online lease available. That’s it.

Many organizational issues, such as handling an appointment, keys, etc. you can easily and conveniently book with demand at White Apartments. Check out for our management packages.


I do not live in Berlin and have no time to take care of the rental. How can White Apartments assist me?
No problem. White Apartments offers a solution for every situation. We like to take care of handling the leasing and managing your property. Whether one-off, temporary or permanent. Whether you just need a representative on arrival or book a complete comfort package management. We always offer you the right service.

My apartment is still unfurnished or partially furnished, how can White Apartments assist me?
We are very happy to take the furniture for you and take care of a complete equipment for your home. The furniture experts at White Apartments are working closely with several well-known furniture companies, kitchen and farmers so that we can keep the prices for this service at a reasonable and easily affordable level. Generally, it is always advisable to leave the furniture an expert who has experience I needs of the market. Because we know exactly what the tenants want and what they like. With a good, specifically selected furniture we achieve higher rental income for our landlords. This investment is always worthwhile. Like to look at our furniture service packages to get more information.


Who give my tenant the keys?
In general, the landlord or his representative submits the key to a new tenant. If you are unique or prevents general have no time for the handover, we support you. Just look what management package of White Apartments would be an optimal solution for you.


Who cares if a piece of furniture breaks?
We recommend to complete both the tenant and the landlord a liability and property insurance. Many of our tenants come from overseas and have no insurance at the time of the entry. For this reason, it is recommended liability insurance for the event that the other party can not pay for the damage to finish.


Can I use my apartment for my personal use sometimes?
Of course you may use your home between personal. However, if you often take the apartment lay claim, it is more complicated to secure a solid rental. Most prospective rent from beginning to end of the month. If the month has already started, it is difficult, for example, an apartment on the 7th or 8 of the month for rent. Let us therefore time, so we can plan well for you.

What is the price per square foot can I achieve? We are often asked how to calculate the price per square meter in a furnished apartment. With a furnished apartment the rent can not be easily calculated per square meter. In determining the total price many factors play a major role. How tasteful and high quality is the facility? Which appliances are available? How many bedrooms in the apartment? The more extras, the apartment, the more rent can be achieved. Making a good impression. To achieve higher rental income, it is advisable to invest in the equipment of the apartment. Speak to us on how we can achieve a higher rental for you together.


I want to rent out my apartment, but I have no experience with it. How can White Apartments help me?
We like to support our landlords who do not have experience with rental on time. We take the time to answer all of your questions and prepare you for the challenges of the market. In addition, White Apartment offers free meetings and briefings for all landlords. We want to achieve a smooth and long-term professional expiry of leases. Please contact us at any time if you have questions or need assistance with your home.


Can I offer my home somewhere else?
If you have not signed a management agreement with White Apartments, you may offer your apartment with other agencies. In most cases it is unnecessary. Apartments with good facilities at a reasonable price can be easily rented in Berlin. By offering your apartment only through an agency, you will save yourself a lot of unnecessary calls and e-mails from prospective tenants. For each agency, it is easier to plan for an exclusive rental, because you know one hundred percent that the offered apartment is still available. Try just which agency offers the best service. Decide on White Apartments offers a free basic package management and excellent service. If we do not have a tenant for you, we also provide your home with our competitors to avoid vacancy.


How should I insure my home?
While letting the tenant is liable for the damage to the apartment. Safety, we recommend a good rental home contents insurance. An additional liability insurance in the event that the tenant can not pay for the damage, is also advisable. The most common damages that occur are severe dirt on the upholstery, water damage, broken appliances and dirty walls. Prevent, by asking before the tenancy your tenant to report any damage immediately and by waiting for the electrical appliances regularly and explain the operation of every detail.


How do I ensure that my apartment is continously rented out?
The demand for apartments in Berlin is great. If your apartment is located in a good central location, is in good condition, modern and tastefully furnished and offer a good price / performance ratio, the chances of success for a continuous and trouble renting are very high. Landlord with a realistic idea of ​​the housing market experiencing very rare vacancy or problems with the tenants. Educate yourself and you seek advice from White apartments before you rent your apartment. We can help you to make effective and easy rental.


For how long should I rent my apartment?
An optimal length of stay is between one month and one year. Of course it is easier to have a tenant who stays for a long time. This saves time and effort. Also plays an important role, if you take your apartment between claim for itself or not. If so, you should not enter into contracts for a long time, so you always remain flexible. Even landlords who do not use your home yourself, we recommend a maximum rental period of one year. Just so you have regular access to your apartment to make any repairs and renovations and to maintain the rental of the apartment.


How do I protect myself against illegal downloads?
The issue of illegal downloads has become a greater problem for the landlord in recent years. Many tenants who do not come from Germany, do not know about the legal situation. Without intention, they download illegal content and create reminders for the landlord. Very often the tenant has already left to the notification reaches the owner. The deposit is gone and you remain seated on the cost. To protect our landlord, we recommend the services of the company Carefree internet – a simple wireless box that is provided to prevent any reminders and solves this problem.


When should I pay the deposit back?
After each excerpt your home for damage and completeness of items. After the house was cleaned, nothing speaks against the remittance of the deposit. Calculate the rent for a sufficient buffer for the additional costs and electricity. In order to avoid unnecessary waiting for your former tenant on the additional costs accounting.


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About White Apartments

Since its founding in 2013, White Apartments is the first choice for all tenants looking for a stylish yet affordable apartment at the same time, as well as a better personal and proactive service.
Our verified apartments meet high hygienic standards and are professionally cleaned after each rental.
We simply love beautiful apartments and offer our customers more than this. A good accessibility, even on the weekends, and a friendly, reliable service.

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