Your advantages

White Apartments provides top-notch services for property management and corporate housing in Berlin. If you need quality property rental, look no further and see why to rent your business apartments out with us.


  • Maximise your rent income (advice on rent price)
  • Lower vacancy rate (under 3% per apartment/year on average)
  • Value preservation of your property & professional furnishing service (includes kitchen design)
  • Low maintenance costs (no wearing down through continuous upkeep)
  • 24/7 personal contact & a friendly, professional service



More and more landlords are offering furnished accommodation only, as this allows them to charge higher rent prices. Here the rent control law in Germany is ineffective. Read more…

01. Personal service & free first consultation

We approach your needs individually and attentively. White Apartments first provides you with a free consultation (for example on rent price). In this discussion we inquire about your needs and the possibilities of increasing your rental income. 

You can reach us by telephone on +49(0)3055282329 or by e-mail:

02. Professional furnishing & photoshoot

We take the complete rental process out of your hands. If required, we can also professionally advise on furnishing, rent price and provide a free photoshoot of your apartment. The listing of your apartment in our advertisements is naturally free as well. White Apartments will select the best tenant for you and look after all matters concerning the rental.

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03. No effort, maximum convenience

We are there for you and your tenants on all concerns 24/7. Our accounting model holds the value preservation of the apartment at the centre of focus for those involved. White Apartments guarantees the creation of a steady passive income through your property. Any questions? Feel free to call us on +49(0)3055282329


The best service in town

Choose the service that matches your needs. You live abroad or do not have time to take care of renting your property? We take over the rental completely and all important matters around the renting.
OR you only need help with the rental? Then our LETTINGS package is the right one for you.



WHITE APARTMENTS represents the maximisation of your rental income. With any uncertainty over rent prices or queries about the property market, we are on hand to inform you comprehensively.


With WHITE APARTMENTS you run no risk of miscalculation of furniture budgets or incorrect installation of inventory. Our service enables high return through suitable facilities that represent the demands of the renting public. The decision on a concrete budget and décor style takes place in an initial discussion with the owner.


Demonstrably low vacancy rate (under 5% per year/property) through good marketing of the property from WHITE APARTMENTS incl. the search for an appropriate tenant. We offer professional check-in & check-out support for tenants. Find out more…


Preserve the value of your property along with low maintenance costs through the professional service of WHITE APARTMENTS. We make sure no properties get run-down through continuous cleaning, regular maintenance and professional repairs.


WHITE APARTMENTS offers you professional communication with the tax office and property management. Our service (typo in German version ‘services’) thereby ensures the processing of all payments and the monitoring of rental income. WHITE APARTMENTS opens an escrow account for each individual property.


WHITE APARTMENTS offers holistic support for rental properties. From internet installation to setting up an electricity contract to the technical management of repairs. You can contact us with any queries at any time, so you gain a worry-free investment without any trouble from tenants.

Apartment management prices

PRICE without VAT










(Can be booked independently)



Professional pictures of the apartment


Extensive Marketing of the apartment


Credibility check of potential tenants


Preparation of tenancy agreement


Legal assistance with problematic tenants

45€ per hour

Key holding service

10€ per month

Preparing an inventory list



Apartment viewings for potential tenants



Multi-Platform marketing for faster rental



Managing tenant’s check-in and check-out process



Facility management support


45€ per hour

Dealing with requests from tenants


45€ per hour

Signing for an internet contract and installation support



Attending of owners community meetings


200€ per month

Collection of rent


80€ per month

Special trust account for rent and deposit


10€ per month

House management payments and controlling


45€ per hour


Signing for an electricity contract




Communication with financial authorities regarding ground tax


45€ per hour




  • Removal of rent price control
  • No termination- or tenant protection rights
  • Higher rent income
  • Possible to sell the property earlier

Our report: Find out more about ADVANTAGES and DISADVANTAGES of furnished for landlords

Management of Individual Property


Not every property owner is able or wants to take care of the administration of their investment or of the property where they live. As property specialists with many years of experience, we take over the administration of your personal property.


We rent out your apartment for you

Our upmost goal is to make the renting process easier for both sides. The process is easy – we provide you with a potential tenant who we have checked beforehand. We discuss the details of the rental with your new tenant and then provide you with a practical online rental contract.


Advertise your apartment cost-free


We put your apartment on the market professionally as we believe that is all part of a quality service. We take care of professional marketing and advertise on all partner portals.


How do we find good tenants?

White Apartments carries out psychological and personal checks on all potential tenants (incl. income and employment contract checks). Before we recommend a tenant, we review their personal situation and talk to them on several occasions. Every potential tenant fills out a detailed form and sends us a copy of their ID card or passport. It is our upmost priority that the landlord agrees with our suggested tenant. We reject potential tenants if we have any doubts or concerns. 

Many medium-sized and renowned companies in Berlin work together with us to find suitable apartments for their temporary employees. We are proud of our reliable service and place value on always maintaining friendly relationships with our tenants.


Apartment Management Prices Berlin



COSTS THROUGH VACANCY: Total potential yearly rental income: +18,000 Euros. Approx. 10.4 vacant weeks per year cost you: -3,600 Euro Loss

Back Office Service

We offer you a comprehensive back office service that guarantees hassle-free management of your property by relieving you of any administrative duties.


We approach every client with upmost care


White Apartments offers first-class property management services. We rent out your apartment for you. We manage a large, select portfolio of upmarket apartments and personally look after all the apartments’ affairs. With over 5 years of experience, you can rely on us to relieve you of all tasks concerning the property in a professional and confident manner. From the design and furnishing of the apartment to the classic administration and communication, we take over all necessary activities.


An insight into our work



Save costs and time with your rental


By deciding to have an apartment manager you save additional costs. During the furnishing or with time management later on, hidden financial and time costs often pile up for landlords. Then, when the apartment is being rented out, questions or problems from the tenants follow. These inquiries can lead to a continuous loss of time, which represents a challenge even for most experienced lessors. Our team is very experienced in all situations.

If a lawsuit should arise, you are not alone. White Apartments works with experienced lawyers and carries out all necessary steps in these in these situations.


How you can avoid mistakes when choosing a tenant

Mistakes in tenant choice can cost the landlord thousands of Euros and plenty of hassle as a result. Private landlords should therefore not just choose a tenant based on sympathy, but also take the steps commonly carried out by a property rental estate agent:

  • Credit history check of tenants
  • Obtainment of tenant’s self-declaration
  • Obtainment of certificate of exemption from rental debt 
  • Pay slips showing recent income

If you are unsure on how to find the best tenant, you receive support from an apartment rental administration. The prospective tenants can be reviewed through professional means and you save time in the search for a tenant.


I do not live in Berlin and don’t have time to take care of the rental

No problem. White Apartments offers a solution for every situation. We take care of the leasing and the administration of your property. Whether it’s a one-off, temporary or permanent. Whether you just need a representative on arrival or want to arrange complete accommodation management, we always provide the right service for you.


When you should rent out the apartment yourself

Those who would like to rent out the apartment themselves can advertise the apartment for rental on the established property portals. Professional photos, a computer-generated floorplan and a meaningful description should be standard. Here you can expect to receive a lot of questions and messages from potential tenants.

Questions & Answers

A: Letting in Berlin is complex and strongly regulated. The rules and regulations are extensive, the market is very fragmented, there are hundreds of small agencies who promise you a lot at the beginning, but don’t have a professional and global knowledge of the Berlin market. If you make a small innocent mistake it can cost you thousands. It's not worth the risk to save a few bucks.

A: Most management companies try to attract potential customers with low initial management fees. They charge between 8-10% of the gross rent amount. Shop around and realise there are always other fees in addition to the basic management fee. This is where most managers get you. Interview several managers and find out all the fees they charge.

A: Almost every manager will charge a fee for finding a new tenant: these fees range from 25-100% of the first months rent. Some other managers charge fees for renewing leases, vacancy fees, after hours repair requests, and many more. We do not.

A: Yes, management fees and many other expenses related to the rental property are usually tax deductible. Consult with your tax professional as always. These matters are complex. However, the benefits of the tax deductions are wonderful.

A: Currently our rates are 20%-23% of the gross rent for monthly management incl. finding a tenant. There are NO extra fees charged by us. Repairs and other expenses related to upkeep of the property are charged at the actual cost when they occur. The fees for finding a tenant are included.

A: No extra add on fees. We're here to serve you and the tenants. We are locals and know the rules and regulations. We have the experience needed to make your property profitable. We are investors too, so we know first hand what it is like to own an investment property. Ask other managers how many properties they own. Simply we manage better, and we stay on top of your investment.

A: Most of our tenants book from abroad and can’t visit the apartment. In this case the costs are not required from you. If your potential tenant would like a tour, we will support you and are there to carry out the appointment for you.

A: ASSISTANCE throughout the complete rental process through A CONTACT PARTNER. Our ultimate goal is to make the rental process easier for both sides. Personal contact and a friendly, professional service for you and your tenants, so that you gain a worry-free property investment.

A: In order to find reliable tenants for the apartment and to keep the vacancy rate low throughout the year, an appealing advertisement is essential. By letting through White Apartments the vacancy rate sinks to lower than 3% per year on average. WHITE APARTMENTS won’t leave you to create a property advertisement by yourself. We record your apartment on our database for you. From our point of view, putting your apartment onto the market for you is all part of a quality service. We organise a photoshoot with a professional photographer and create high-quality advertisements, not only on our website but on all partner websites too. If we don’t have a tenant for you, we put your apartment onto our numerous cooperation platforms to avoid vacancies.

A: White Apartments has a lovely office in Berlin by Nikolassee.

A: Residential properties present challenges for the management’s expertise. We like to develop a custom plan for you that represents your needs.

A: Choose the service that best represents your needs. Do you live abroad? Do you have no time take care of renting out your property? We take complete care of the letting and all the important matters in relation to the rental.OR do you only need help with the rental? Then our STANDARD Service is right for your needs.

A: Yes. The recording of your home to our database is completely free of charge. The business model of White apartments is based on incomes from the commission fee, which is paid by the tenant. Opt for one of our management packages, you pay only the price specified on the price list. If you continue to manage your home yourself, you pay a cent.

A: We are very happy to take the furniture for you and take care of a complete equipment for your home. The furniture experts at White Apartments are working closely with several well-known furniture companies, kitchen Wohnungseinrichtern and farmers so that we can keep the prices for this service at a reasonable and easily affordable level. Generally, it is always advisable to leave the furniture an expert who has experience I needs of the market. Because we know exactly what the tenants want and what they like. With a good, specifically selected furniture we achieve higher rental income for our landlords. This investment is always worthwhile. Like to look at our furniture service packages to get more information.

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