Why rent out your property with us

Here are 8 good reasons

1 Personal contact, friendly and professional service
2 Detailed insights and free of charge first personal consultation to discuss the options for your apartment
3 Professional furnishing service (including kitchen planning)
4 Free professional photoshoot of your apartment
5 Free listing of your apartment in our database
6 Professional advice on all matters relating to rentals
7 Almost 24/7 availability via e-mail - perfect for owners located in different time zones
8 Verified tenants = more security, less effort

What they say about us

Our Services

About White Apartments

Since its founding in 2013, White Apartments is the first choice for all tenants looking for a stylish yet affordable apartment at the same time, as well as a better personal and proactive service.
Our verified apartments meet high hygienic standards and are professionally cleaned after each rental.
We simply love beautiful apartments and offer our customers more than this. A good accessibility, even on the weekends, and a friendly, reliable service.

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