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Do you need a good place to work? We decide to provide space due to the crisis and open our apartments for the home office sufferers. We give everyone the opportunity to use a Apartment as a quarantine home office with special conditions and prices.


What services are included in the home office apartment Berlin?


Quarantine Apartment from White Apartments in Berlin provides a mixture between hotel and workspace experience. Only with more private space and less costs. We’ll always be there for you to assist with anything you need. You decide for yourself which services you want to make use of when renting your Home Office Apartment in Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg or another central area of the city. Our apartments are all centrally located and near to your home. Let us know your address and we will send you a selection of apartments to work in your area. Following Services are included


  • Good furnishing including TV  & equipped kitchen 
  • Lunch delivery 
  • Home office & Wifi
  • Disinfected rooms
  • Flexible booking times 
  • 24h contact
  • Stress free – No effort, maximum convenience
  • Coffee machine


With questions on all available services from White Apartments you can get in touch with us at any time either by phone on 49(0)3055282329 or fill out our contact form.


Advantages of a home office apartment in Berlin



ll units are able to operate without staff, including for check in, so clients have the option to remain fully isolated. Convert the apartment into a private home office: With external specialists, we provide 24 h services such as food delivery, cleaning and personal service – all with utmost hygiene. A home office apartment from White Apartments in Berlin is a mixture of hotel and private workspace apartment. Only with more privacy, a good service and less costs.  The quarantine Apartments are fully furnished and contain a fully-equipped kitchen. You are completely independent and have a great service that fit your needs.


Rent a home office in Berlin


If you are looking for a home office option just around the corner, you should have a look into our home office apartments in Berlin.


Interested in having a home office option away from home?



With questions on all available services you can get in touch with us at any time either by phone on +49(0)3055282329 or fill out our contact form.


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Choose a service that best suits you


Choose your apartment and a service that best represents your needs. We believe that a home office apartment should offer a great service. Just let us know and we’ll take care of everything necessary. No further financial obligations, simply live comfortably.




Bookings from +10 days



+ Bi-weekly cleaning service (Disinfected rooms) 
+ Lunch delivery 24h
+ 24h contact
+ If you locked yourself out of the apartment we will organize a courier to deliver a spare key to you
+ Name tag installation on the mailbox
+ Support with Wifi issues
+ Mail service after move out

Contact us at any time by phone (+ 030 55282329 ) or email for free.


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