Frequently Asked Questions

A: White Apartments offers only apartments with a minimum rental period of 2 months and a maximum rental period of one year or more. All apartments are fully furnished and equipped and the rental rates on the website include all costs. Please note that White Apartments does not offer apartments for short term stays and immediate bookings. Most of our tenants are looking for an apartment 1-2 months in advance. A standard rental contract is concluded for each rental.

A: No, there is no commission or service fee for the tenants. All our apartments are free of commission fee.

A: It is a high priority for us to refund your deposit as soon as possible. After the expiry of the rental agreement, the apartment is cleaned and checked for any damage. If everything is in order, only the final cleaning will be deducted from the deposit. The remaining amount will usually be returned to you within 6 weeks. If there is a damage caused by the tenant, the reimbursement process may take considerably longer. Please contact us immediately if you have not received your deposit or believe the landlord has transferred an incorrect sum.

A: No problem. Before we place an apartment in our offer, it will be checked personally on site. We only offer apartments that meet our high standards. We photograph every apartment ourselves, and we take great care to ensure that the images are realistic and detailed, not artificial photoshop creations. We will show you pictures of each room in the house including the hallway, and the view of the street and the surrounding area. Our images are detailed, informative and straightforward. In case you do not like the apartment you have rented without seeing it first for no particular reason, please contact us immediately. Even if you have signed a contract, there is always a way to find a solution or change the apartment and make you happy as a tenant.

A: It usually takes only a few days to sign the lease. The ultimate goal of White Apartments is to offer simple, good and fast service. Please understand that the process of a medium to long term rental takes longer and requires more documentation than booking a holiday apartment. Unfortunately, there is some extra paper work that we need to keep. You will receive a rental agreement and a confirmation from the landlord, which you can use in Berlin for registration, etc. In order to speed up this process, we offer you the possibility to upload all the necessary documents as soon as you complete your application form.

A: If a landlord has decided for an administration package with White Apartments, one of our staff will hand over the keys to the apartment directly. We meet you in front of the house, introduce you to your new apartment and explain all details, such as Wi-Fi connection etc. If the landlord makes the handover himself, we recommend you to contact him before the move-in and arrange the meeting. Please do not forget to exchange the telephone number with the landlord, so that you can inform him of any delays, etc. on the day of your arrival.

A: The rent and the deposit must be on the account of the owner no later than the day of moving in. The rent and the deposit should be paid by bank transfer or Paypal. For some, it is also possible to pay them in cash and personally on the day of moving in. Please note that we charge a fee of 15 € for the cash payment - this is the bank fee we will pass on to you. Please understand that we can not let a tenant move in before they have paid the first rent and the deposit.

A: Each of our apartments comes with a landlords confirmation to register called „Wohnungsgeberbestätigung“. The confirmation will be usually provided at the handover. Please note that the rental period needs to be minimum 3 months in order to receive this confirmation.

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