About Schöneberg

Living in Berlin Schöneberg – Local Tips

  • Turkish Baths and Hammam – Have a good relax and experience a true Hammam in the middle of Berlin.
  • Winterfeldtplatz weekly market – Winterfeldtplatz in Schöneberg is the biggest market in Berlin and takes place on Saturdays.
  • Café Bilderbuch – Treat yourself to a lovely brunch in this dainty café.

About Life in Berlin Schöneberg

The district Schöneberg, originally established by Bohemian weavers, has developed into a colourful district over the years. The strongly present LGBT community, its numerous open-air markets and its unique, rugged beauty give Schöneberg its popularity. Through the combination of different levels of wealth and architecture styles, Schöneberg is an extremely varied district which is conveniently very easy to reach with the metro. Schöneberg is one of the safest Berlin neighbourhoods with a lively gay-community nightlife, which should not put you off. The endless possibilities with the many cafes, restaurants and bars offer something for every taste. During the day Schöneberg is relatively quiet. Residents can spend their time on long shopping experiences, such as the KaDeWe shopping centre. If you are staying in Schöneberg you can visit some of the common Schöneberg sights, such as the memorial for homosexual Holocaust victims. In addition, you will also find here a lovely renovated communal bathroom, which offers you the chance to relax after a long day. With regards to rent prices, you can find very different levels, from the exclusive right down to the highly affordable apartments. 

Although this unique district may not look super attractive at first glance, Schöneberg has a lot to offer if you give it a chance. The varied architecture, wide boulevards and open-air markets will be sure to impress you in no time.