Prenzlauer Berg apartments rental

Living in Prenzlauer Berg – Local Tips:

    1. Mauerpark Flea Market on Sunday – Culinary and cultural meeting place
    2. Rosenthaler Platz – There are numerous restaurants and beautiful cafes
    3. Park am Weinberg – A small, cozy park in the middle of the city life

About life in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Celebrities and rich Berliners populate Prenzlauer Berg, or Prenzlberg, as it is known locally. Although perhaps the most expensive borough of Berlin, it has much to show and offer, particularly if you’re travelling with children. Prenzlberg is famous for its parks and public playgrounds, such as the Mauerpark. Food markets on Kollwitzplatz are also worth a mention, bringing life to an area full of hip cafés, beer gardens and shops.

Historically, Prenzlauer Berg used to be the place with the cheapest apartments for rent in all Berlin, as most of the houses were run down and occupied by punks and bohemians. Although times have changed, the artistic background can still be felt in the atmosphere.

Furnished apartments for rent are typically easily found, even for long term stays. When staying in Prenzlberg, everything is at hand: tourist attractions such as the Berlin Wall memorial, parks and cultural centers including the KulturBrauerei.

Overall, Prenzlauer Berg is currently one of the most beautiful areas of Berlin, ideal for leisure activities, although for a price.


Prenzlauer Berg apartments rental

Apartments in Prenzlauer Berg