About Neukölln

Live in Neukölln – Local Tips

  • Klunkerkranich – On the rooftops of Berlin, a beautiful oasis with probably the most stunning view of the city. 
  • Maybachufer – here you can get hold of food, materials and cheap designer clothes from real Berlin designers. 
  • Kaduka – Small bar with a network to the whole neighbourhood. Nobody stays alone here for long.

About Life in Berlin Neukölln

The place to be. In Neukölln you will find many Turkish restaurants, Russian delicatessen shops, a number of splendid cafes, bars and art rooms which are frequented by students and artists. On the contrary to Charlottenburg or Kreuzberg, tourists are rarely found in Neukölln. They can therefore be sure that they are experiencing the true Berlin city culture. Here people know their neighbours and the atmosphere is very familiar. Sit back and enjoy a coffee on the Landwehrkanal and float along the pulse of life. Neukölln has a great metro connection to Alexanderplatz, making it possible to combine the calm lifestyle of Neukölln with the buzz and sightseeing experiences of the central areas of Berlin.