About Mitte

Mitte, meaning center, is true to its name as the very heart of Berlin. The Brandenburg Gate, the television tower and the Alexanderplatz, all located in Mitte, have become symbols of Berlin all around the world.

Mitte doesn’t only attract tourists though. Berlin’s art and culture scene is very strong here, attracting numerous expats from all over the world to seek long term apartment rentals in this area of Berlin. Countless art galleries, trendy boutiques and the best restaurants of the city are located between Hackesche Höfe and Rosenthaler Platz. Many Berlin visitors choose this area as their starting point to explore the city.

The heart of the Berlin museum landscape is undoubtedly the Museumsinsel, located between the Spree and the Kupfergraben. Theaters and historical buildings are also easy to encounter, including the Berliner Ensemble or the Friedrichstadtpalast, and the German Dom or the Schauspielhaus.

Last but not least, Mitte is also typical of the symbols of the former GDR. Around Alexanderplatz, socialist prefabricated buildings characterize the cityscape, while the television tower stands for the former division and competition between East and West Berlin.




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