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You are in Berlin Friedrichshain looking for a furnished apartment? Or you are looking for a temporary residence in Berlin? We will find an apartment for you.


Live in Friedrichshain – Local Tips:

  • Boxhagener Platz – Here you will find a weekly market on Saturdays and a highly popular flea market on Sundays.
  • Burgeramt – The best burger house in Berlin.
  • Strandbar Mitte – Here are located clubs, restaurants, weekly and flea markets.


About Life in Berlin Friedrichshain

Friedrichshain is currently a highly sought-after area with around 116,000 inhabitants. Its central location, numerous bars, clubs and shops attract primarily the younger population. With an average age of 37.5 years old, Friedrichshain is Berlin’s youngest district. In the past Friedrichshain was seen as a working class district with dark alleyways and small apartments. Due to the huge destruction during the Second World War, the district was rebuilt and developed into a neighbourhood which is favoured by students and young families. Today, Friedrichshain has developed itself into an exciting area where there is lots to see and experience. Enjoy the variety of the international scene, trendy start-ups and the spirit of young, urban creativity. Boxhagener Platz and the Samariterkiez (Kiez meaning neighbourhood), with their stunning old-builds, are amongst the most in-demand areas of the whole city. If you are in Friedrichshain, consider paying a visit to Karl-Marx Allee with the biggest open-air gallery in the world.

Furnished apartments in Friedrichshain