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I want to move to Berlin, but which area suits me best? Which district is the nicest to live in? We have had a look at every district and give an overview here of the most important information.



Where to live in Berlin for expats

  • Charlottenburg For those who would prefer to live nobly but still central.
  • Friedrichshain Friedrichshain is Berlin’s youngest district, with bars & clubs
  • Kreuzberg – pretty or ugly? Definitely genuine! Home to many artists with a vibrant nightlife.
  • Mitte Enjoy the variety of the international scene, trendy start-ups and the spirit of urban creativity.
  • Prenzlauer Berg is populated by many celebrities and the most expensive district in Berlin.
  • Moabit primarily shaped by modern buildings, the new government district and the spree riverside.
  • Neukölln The place to be. A number of splendid cafes, bars and art rooms which are frequented by students and artists.
  • Pankow is populated mainly by families and visitors.
  • Schöneberg The strongly present LGBT community and it´s rugged beauty give Schöneberg its popularity.
  • Wedding one of the cheapest central districts in Berlin.


City guide: Living in Berlin for expats

Get more insights and informations about living & renting in Berlin districts.

Renting in Berlin for expats

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About: Living in Berlin for expats

As one of Europe’s largest cities, Berlin can seem overwhelming, so here we pick out some of Berlin’s most popular neighbourhoods and offer tips where to live and what to do. From the charming bohemian vibes of Friedrichshain to the chic and cosmopolitan Charlottenburg, take a look at five of the top neighbourhoods in Berlin. Berlin offers much more than might be apparent at the first sight. Its extraordinary transformation from a grey, divided city of the 1990s into the vibrant capital of the new millenium is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Berlin’s cosmopolitan nature allows English speakers to communicate freely, and its friendly atmosphere makes it easy for all newcomers to find a job and a couple of friends really quickly.

Because finding a new home can be difficult, White Apartments is here to let you focus on the rest. Feel free to browse through Berlin’s districts and find an apartment for rent in a location that suits your tastes best.

How to rent a flat in Berlin?

Finding a flat in Berlin has become increasingly difficult the past years due to the general gentrification of many parts of the city. Rents are have also gone up due to the renewal of the city since the beginning of the 1990’s.  So if you have heard it is very easy to find a flat in Berlin, you might be disappointed.


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