What is the best district in Berlin to rent for you?

Berlin is a marvelous city, that offers many different faces. Depending on which part of Berlin you choose to live in you will get a very different experience. This short post should serve to give you a short overview about the different districts of Berlin and who they are suited for.

  • Kreuzberg – ideal for lovers of authentic foreign food thanks to mix of various cultures
  • Neukölln – ideal for trendy people liking hipster cafes & underground clubs
  • Mitte – ideal for people who want to be at the heart of it all
  • Wedding – ideal for fans of local micro-breweries and multi-cultural experiences
  • Charlottenburg – ideal for families and older demographics,calm, clean & civilised
  • Friedrichshain – ideal for young professionals
  • Prenzlauer Berg – ideal for women and young families

While Berlin is divided into 12 specific districts, this short guide will cover the most trendy up and coming districts of Berlin, that any expat should consider to live in.


Kreuzberg is a highly popular area of Berlin most known for its history of being home to various immigrants. While in the past this area of Berlin was dominated by Turkish people, the recent trend shows an affluent crowd of both Germans and immigrants from western countries moving into Kreuzberg. As this demographic change is taking place at a fast rate, landlords are taking notice as well starting to charge higher rental prices.


If you are part of the younger demographic and like to take part of the active nightlife in Berlin Neukölln is a good choice for you. This part of Berlin is very popular among immigrants and expats, as you can find a healthy blend of various cultures and nationalities in this part of town.


As the name “Mitte” (literally means center / middle of) suggests, this district is in the heart of Berlin. Berlin’s major landmarks such as the TV tower, the Brandenburger Tor as well as the Reichstag can be found in this district. You will find that this part of town is home to many modern buildings and tall office buildings that you will not find in such concentration anywhere else in the city. If you are willing to pay higher rental prices in exchange to live in the middle of Berlin, Mitte is your choice.


This neighboring area of Mitte has a very different feel. If you like great food or are a fan of micro-breweries Wedding might be for you. In general rents are more affordable here than in many other parts of Berlin, although one can notice the development of rising rental prices throughout the last couple of years. Wedding is most known for the historical buildings that can be found throughout the entire district.


Charlottenburg is ideal for young families or older demographics that like to live in a clean and calm environment within Berlin. Plenty of shopping opportunities, various restaurants, as well as numerous parks and greenspaces make this an ideal place to get away from the daily hassle or raise a family in a safe environment.


If you are into trendy areas and identify with the hipster crowd or industrial looking buildings Friedrichshain may just be the place for you to live. With its various galleries and its rich history Friedrichshain has long since been a home to various artists. If you don’t mind graffitis and want to take part in Berlin’s highly entertaining nightlife while paying lower rents compared to other areas, this Friedrichshain is everything you are looking for.

Prenzlauer Berg

Prenzlauer Berg is a very diverse district with a rich history. You can find many beautiful “Altbau” apartments in this part of Berlin, that survived the bombings throughout the second world war. While historically this part of town was a jewish ghetto and later home to various squatters, in modern times Prenzlauer Berg has evolved into one of Berlin’s most upscale neighborhoods.

Hopefully this guide can start pointing you in the right direction. If you want a more detailed description of each district that we offer furnished apartments to rent in browse through our website or feel free to contact us, so we can answer all your questions.